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Tulethan terveenä

Tulethan terveenä pelaamaan, ja muistathan maskin!


Group size 2 - 6
Difficulty level

Madman's Lair

A mad scientist has kidnapped you and your friends and needs you for spare parts in his insane experiments! Can you escape before he returns?
Group size 2 - 6
Difficulty level

Welcome to the Jungle

A renowned nature photographer has disappeared into the jungle - can you find her before nightfall?



Room Escape

Your group is locked inside a closed room. Your objective is to get out before the timer runs out.


Search the room for clues, useful items, riddles and puzzles.


Use logic to solve the puzzles in the room and unveil the mystery.

Work together

Usually, multiple puzzles can be solved at the same time, and some tasks require teamwork.


Task delegation and group communcation are crucial for success!


Can't figure out the next step? Don't worry - you can ask for hints at any time.


What is Room Escape?

Is it dangerous?

Do I need to prepare somehow?

Are there any age restrictions?

What does it cost?

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Trapped Room Escape löytyy Google Mapsista osoitteella Ratapihankatu 14.

Sisäänkäynti sijaitsee Ratapihankadun puolella. Oven avaus numerosta 0449737914

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