Time 60 min
Group size 2 - 6
Difficulty level

Madman's Lair

You suddenly wake up in a strange and unfamiliar place. Your last memory is going to bed at home, but leaving the window open...

A mad scientist has kidnapped you and your friends and needs you for spare parts in his insane experiments! Can you escape before he returns?

Age limit 16 years.


Trapped Room Escape

Ratapihankatu 14, Turku

Our other rooms

Group size 2 - 6
Difficulty level

The Viking King

A professor investigating a legendary viking king has gone missing without a trace, just before he was to publish his latest revolutionizing findings. Can you find him and uncover the ancient viking secrets?
Group size 2 - 6
Difficulty level

Welcome to the Jungle

A renowned nature photographer has disappeared into the jungle - can you find her before nightfall?